About Us

A reflection of its name, Art of Wall St. was founded in the business capital of New York City and thrives in a multitude of boisterous metropolitan areas such as the one and only Toronto, and the ever-aesthetic Los Angeles. Inspired by pop culture icons such as Rich Uncle Pennybags (Monopoly Man) and the Wolf of Wall Street, we take a comprehensive approach towards art and style by infusing it with substance and inspiration. The results are timeless paintings that are bound to ignite thought-provoking conversations. We aim to empower the hustlers of our generation and those that are hungry for success; our paintings are their metaphorical meals. Art of Wall St. presents to you, high-quality craftsmanship, at an affordable price. We encourage you to make room for creativity in your household with art for adults that sparks child-like imagination. We know you're unique, and your art can be too. At the heart of Art of Wall St, exists an intense passion for creativity, a passion we would like to share with you.


“Art of Wall St. is taking the creative community by storm and exacting a transformative impact, one painting at a time”

Jonathan G.

Art of Wall St. welcomes you to a world of inspiration and impeccable design.

Amanda P.

 Great Quality, Fast Shipping, & Customer Service. My Best Online Shopping Experience. 

Zahra R.